Construction Update

Week of September 18, 2018

The following new construction activities are scheduled in and around the Stavros Niarchos Foundation–David Rockefeller River Campus this week:

Esplanade: Between 9/13/18 and 9/21/18, there will be daily closures of the northernmost portion of the esplanade. Observe signage posted at the 63rd Street and 71st Street entrances.

South Circle: During the crane lifts there will be intermittent closures of the pedestrian bridge between the hospital and Nurses Residence and the main entrances of both buildings.

Founders Hall: The exit door from Level A leading to Flexner Circle will now be closed through October 2018. Fire egress plans are modified as follows:

  • From the South Stair: Exit via the 1st floor lobby and front of building.
  • From the North Stair: Exit via the 1st floor lobby and front of building, or continue to Level A, turn right, and take the pedestrian tunnel to Nurses Residence.
  • From Level A: Take the north stair up to the first floor lobby to exit the front of the building, or navigate to the pedestrian tunnel by turning east through the elevator lobby or walking to the south end of Level A through the front of the LS&EH office and proceed to Nurses Residence to exit. This path includes a flight of five steps down to the pedestrian tunnel.

Hospital Building: Stair E remains closed for construction through 10/30/18. For access to the hospital, please use the marble path to Hospital Level A.

Nurses Residence: The south pedestrian path between Nurses Residence and Founders Hall will remain closed through October 2018. Work will continue in the first floor conference room, with elevated noise, dust, and odors.

Construction activities will continue this week in the Gasser Hall 2nd Floor, Nurses Residence Level C, Hospital Levels B, C, and D, and Smith Hall Annex Level D.


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